In Home Elder Care Providers Serving Tucson & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Harbir Singh

Harbir Singh M.D.

Dr. Singh graduated from University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2004. He specializes in Internal Medicine dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases.

Other providers:

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  • Laura Harrison, GNP
  • Carol Bryniarski, A-GNP
  • Natalie Camras, FNP
  • Francisco Carrillo, ACNP-BC
  • Helen Ferrer-Irwin, A/GNP
  • Leonila Jequinto, FNP
  • Jody F Agins, MSN, RNP, FNP/GNP-BC
  • Judith K. Jones, PA-C
  • Ana DeSimone, FNP
  • Janet Chapman, FNP
  • Susanna Livingston, FNP-C
  • Ana Ben Shabat, FNP-BC
  • Cathy E. Wayand, MSN, ANP-C
  • Shu-fen Wung, ACNP
  • Chris Valenta, A-GNP
  • Rachelle Usis, FNP
  • Marie Ann Wrinn, MSN, FNP