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Tired of waiting in emergency rooms, can’t see your doctor for several days, too sick to travel, or simply don’t want to miss work?

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult, stressful, and expensive to leave home to visit a doctor’s office. Waiting in an emergency room or a doctor’s office is never fun. Why not have a doctor come to you? As our patient, you will soon experience what everyone has been talking about-modern medicine in the comfort and convenience of your home.PHC provides medical house calls for patients as an interim or as a primary care physician treating chronic or acute conditions or to treat urgent (non- emergency) conditions This is especially a godsend service for people that are homebound for any reason.

HBPC programs provide appropriate care (primary, urgent, or palliative) to high-risk, medically vulnerable patients, often suffering multiple chronic conditions, when and where they need it. It can significantly reduce medical emergencies, fragmented care, missed appointments, and the poor control of chronic conditions—the factors most frequently cited for emergency department visits, readmissions, acute hospitalizations, and institutionalization for this population.

There is no extra cost for home visits as we bill your insurance.


  • Management of chronic diseases as High blood pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Heart failure etc.
  • Preventive services.
  • Immunizations.
  • Medication refills.
  • Home occupational and physical therapy.
  • Home x-ray and lab services.


Medicare criteria for being considered homebound;

Criteria-One: One must be met

The beneficiary must either:

  • Because of illness or injury, need the aid of supportive devises such as crutches, canes, wheelchairs, and walkers; the use of special transportation; or the assistance of another person in order to leave their place of residence


  • Have a condition such that leaving his or her home is medically contraindicated.

Criteria-Two: Both must be met

  • There must exist a normal inability to leave home;


  • Leaving home must require a considerable and taxing effort.

Other eligibility criteria includes

  • Mobility complications and risk of falls
  • Difficulty understanding physician instructions
  • Frequent visits to hospitals, emergency departments and nursing facilities
  • Significant need for coordinated care
  • Complex, chronic disease
  • Difficulty remembering or keeping appointments at multiple medical offices and labs

Areas Served

We make house calls in;

  • Private homes
  • Independent living facilities (ILF)
  • Assisted living facilities (ALF)
  • Adult care homes (ACH)
  • Group homes
  • Mobile and Trailer parks

Our coverage areas include:

  • Metro Tucson
  • Oro Valley
  • Saddlebrooke
  • Catalina
  • Marana
  • Green Valley
  • Sahuarita
  • Vail


  • No waiting in physician offices
  • No exposure to sick patients
  • No travel or driving issues
  • No need for travel to Labs or Radiology
  • Decreased need for hospitalisations


Harbir Singh, MD

Ana Ben Shabat, FNP-BC

Chris Valenta, A-GNP

Bari Orozco, A-GNP-BC

Milton Spivack, MSN, FNP-BC

Janet Chapman, FNP-BC

Leoni Jequinto, FNP

Natalie Camras, FNP

Susanna Livingstone, FNP-C

Shu Fen Wung, FNP

Glenda Aguirre Kaiama, FNP

Joshua Limon, FNP

Sharon Morgan, DNP, FNP-BC

Kindra Roades, MSN, FNP-C

Rachel Fullingston, FNP-C

Forms and Policies

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Notice of Privacy Practices
Patient Registration Form
Insurance & Cancellation Policy
Conditions of Treatment

About your Visit

During your initial visit with a provider, you will need to complete paperwork on your health history, medications and insurance coverage. On subsequent visits you can update this information as needed. Below is information on what to expect as well as information related to patients with Medicare and patients with commercial insurance.


  • Your provider will schedule a monthly visit for your general health and medication review. A visit can be requested as often as is medically necessary.
  • We will attempt to make a housecall within 24 to 48 hours of a request.
  • Your provider will call and remind you 24 hours before each visit.
  • Your visit will be scheduled between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm or as mutually agreed upon time.
  • No exact time can be given because of factors such as traffic and the length of other patients’ visits.
  • If you have been hospitalized, contact the office or your provider the day you are discharged for scheduling a post-hospitalization follow up visit.

Support Services

  • Medication refills can be handled over the phone by contacting the office or your provider.
  • The patient or a family member can speak with the provider Monday through Friday,
    7.00 am to 7 pm.
  • After 7 pm, our on-call service is available to triage your call.
  • PHC does not make emergency visits. In an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
  • If you are admitted to a hospital, please make sure that our office or your provider is informed immediately.

Before Every Visit

  • If you have a caretaker or an interpreter, please have that person with you when the provider arrives.
  • Gather all your medication bottles for the provider’s review and place them near your chair or bed.
  • If you are being seen by nurses or other home health care providers, gather any papers they have left for your provider’s review.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about our service, please call our
office. We want to do everything we can to help you!

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